Are you a NOMOPHOBE? Can’t bear to have your mobile phones out of your pockets?

Nomophobiano mobile phone phobia, is the fear of not having your mobile phone at your reach. This phobia comes to people when they have lost or damaged their phones, forgot to take them, run out of battery, having no balance, etc. Well, it is very common among the youth now.

Nowadays we are always connected to the world with the pocket device we have, we can access the internet, connect with our friends and family, make a call, listen to music, learn new stuffs via learning apps, and a lot more. Sometimes when people forget to take the phone with them, they may feel stressed, a sort of depression. This makes them go back to the place where they have left their phones and get hand on it as soon as possible. This anxiety and the wanting to get it back immediately is together called nomophobia.

Have A look at this Infographic:

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Habits followed by these anxiety affected people are

  • Checking out their phone every 5-10 minutes
  • Keeping the phone under the pillow while they sleep
  • Checking the phone just after they wake up
  • Carrying phones while going to bathroom
  • Having a charger or power bank always

When and to whom it occurs the most? Age groups and activities

Nomophobia occurs mainly to the people in the age group of 18 to 32 mainly while they are in their beds. The next rank goes to the 32-45 aged category, 45-55 category being the next and the 55 years+ having the least affect.

Above 50% of the people in the first category are affected by this phobia while they use toilets, three fourth of them have this problem when in bed and around 30-35% of them while driving or eating. Even more shocking part is that this problem arises at the place of worship also. So to conclude, people are affected by this phobia while doing any activity.

Want to get out?

  • Carry your mobile only when you are doing your work. Leave it aside when you are doing any other activity, like eating, workout, etc.
  • Switch off your mobile phones when you go to bed. Get an alarm clock.
  • Have timings to check your phone. Of course you don’t have to check it out every now and then.
  • Start meeting up with people. People chat with each other on random stuffs that even they know that is not useful but still do. Instead start meeting up with them or have a conversation with people nearby. Trust me, you will have way more of an informative conversation rather than the crap you discuss in chats.
  • Do something creative in your free time. If you have nothing then get a book (a hardcopy, the e-books are meant for those people who use phone properly). If you use phone for reading books, it won’t take long for you to forget that you have an e-book to read.

So, having an idea of the situation you are in, you can analyse as to how much this phobia has affected you and take the necessary steps to deal with it(Treatment for Addiction to Smartphones). I know this is hard, but try to use your phones only for making phone calls or checking mails.